Once the design and budget have been approved we can begin prototyping. We produce full-scale prototypes using the actual point of purchase materials we spec’d to offer you an accurate preview of your point of purchase displays as they will appear in retail stores. You can take advantage of our prototyping services to review, test and make adjustments to your designs for full confidence in giving us the go-ahead to manufacture your displays.

“Prototyping is a process of validating the design and making the necessary adjustments to ensure your custom POP displays fulfill your design and display goals. It’s a way to play before getting serious.” – Will, Sales & Creative

Through prototyping we weed out potential issues and refine your POP display design until we hit the mark. No wasted time, money or worry – with Point you find flexibility in the creation process as everything from design to production and fulfillment is handled through proper project management.

Timeline: full-scale prototypes using actual materials 1-3 weeks

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