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The Patented Wise Choice Serving Systems

The goal of Wise Choice Serving Systems is to empower kids to make wise choices when deciding what foods they choose to eat at school and for the rest of their lives. The Wise Choice System is a series of MyPlate icon color-coded food serving bins along with nutritionally informative healthy lifestyle graphics that together create a positive learning and satisfying experience for kids during their meal period. The patented coordinated lunchroom system sets up and breaks down quickly and provides an efficient meal flow from start to finish. The system can be set up as a single or double-sided line depending on the number of children served and, most importantly, is stored back on the cart at the end of the food service period.

What we believe.

We believe that good nutrition is a basic necessity in order to succeed in school and life. During school meal times we have the opportunity to educate and empower children to make food choices that will have positive health benefits for the rest of their lives. This is at the heart of our company. We choose this as our goal to be your partner in the most positive supportive manner we know, that’s why we created this educational system.